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Kontorlokaler til leje i Hillerød

kontor i Hillerød til leje

Arbejd fra en professionel arbejdsplads i Spaces Gallerierne 1

Enhance your business with flexible office space at Gallerierne. Situated just 30km from Copenhagen, Hillerød is a picturesque town known for its stunning Renaissance castle, rich history, and forested countryside. Take out an office in a prime location and make the most of the high footfall coming from the large shopping mall nearby. When you’re meeting or commuting, use the quality local transport links to travel quickly. There are plenty of bus stops in the area, and Hillerød Train Station is only 650m away. Plus, you can reach Copenhagen city centre in 40 minutes by car.

Choose a newly refurbished office in Hillerød and bring out your best work in an ultra-modern workspace. Park your car in our large private lot and flex your green credentials with our electric vehicle charging points. Introduce yourself to potential clients in our open-plan spaces and encourage collaboration in our sociable coworking areas. When you’re pitching or presenting, book a fully equipped meeting room by the hour using our handy app and impress your guests using all the latest tech. If your guests need a room, you’ll find plenty of great hotel options nearby.